Administrator Bios

Michael Chaput

Chief Executive Officer, SureWx Inc.

Managing Director, Deicing Innovations

Michael Chaput is one of the aircraft ground deicing industry’s most knowledgeable subject matter experts in the areas of aircraft deicing and anti-icing fluids, deicing research and development, deicing optimization, operations, quality assurance and new technology implementation.

Michael worked as a Project Manager and Director for a prominent aviation consulting firm in Montreal conducting cutting-edge aircraft ground deicing research and development related to the refinement of historical methods of aircraft deicing on behalf of Transport Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration and the global aviation industry for a period of 14 years. During this period, Michael authored well over 30 technical reports that were published by TC/FAA on the deicing subject matter.

In recent years, Michael’s interests turned towards business development, refinement strategies and new technologies and procedures for ground deicing optimization. Michael has played a prominent role in the development and implementation of many new technologies, such as liquid water equivalent systems, electronic message boards and non-glycol deicing units. He has also performed significant work in the areas of quality assessment and deicing business model refinement at numerous high-volume airports worldwide.

Michael currently sits on numerous industry workgroups and committees, and is one of the industry’s most recognizable presenters at global conferences and meetings. He is currently the sponsor of SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice ARP5660: Deicing Facility Operational Procedures.

Michael is a firm believer that “training”, and refinement thereof, is critical to improving flight safety in winter operating conditions on the global scale. It is for this reason that he is excited and motivated to be hosting this training website project, and to be working with Chris.


Chris Schock

Director – Training, SureWx Inc.

Managing Director, Polaris Aviation Consulting

Director – Training and Quality Assurance, Deicing Innovations

With over 16 years of experience in aircraft ground de/anti-icing, Chris is one of the industry’s most respected training specialists and subject matter experts. Previously, Chris served as Manager, Training and Quality Assurance with a major, global de/anti-icing service provider, where he was responsible for training, quality assurance, programs and procedures, management and oversight of the company’s de/anti-icing operations within Canada. Chris brings previous experience as a Deicing Operator, Aircraft Movement Controller, Deicing Coordinator, and Training and Quality Control Supervisor as part of the team that operated the Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Central Deicing Facility, one of the world’s largest facilities in terms of capacity and aircraft sprayed.  Chris has drawn from his knowledge and experience in order to provide effective training, guidance, and quality assurance oversight, not only within his previous organization, but also to other air carriers, fixed base operators, service providers and others within the ground de/anti-icing industry.

Chris is an active participant in various aircraft ground de/anti-icing committees and work groups, and is currently the sponsor for SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice ARP5149: Training Program Guidelines for Deicing/Anti-Icing of Aircraft on Ground.  He is a member of the Canadian Society for Training and Development and SAE G-12 Aircraft Ground Deicing Committee.  He holds a Certificate in Adult Education – Staff Training and Development from Seneca College, and a Diploma in Avionics Engineering from SAIT Polytechnic.

From being on both the learning and development side and facilitation side, Chris first hand knows the benefits of utilizing quality multimedia material in the classroom in order to provide the most effective learning experience for his audience.  It is because of this, that he shares the vision of collaboration and sharing of media, experiences, open dialogue and discussion amongst industry colleagues, and is excited to be working with Michael as part of the team, the platform which brings this vision to reality.