Would you push the button?

I was sitting in an over-wing position on an Embraer 190 aircraft yesterday and saw what appeared to be frost on the trailing edge control surfaces of the aircraft. The temperature was 5 degrees Celsius according to the METAR when I boarded the aircraft, under partly cloudy skies and 70% humidity. The aircraft was on a 25-minute turn or so after a relatively short flight into the aircraft I was departing from. I did not see the walk around by the flight crew, nor did I observe a tactile inspection on my side of the aircraft. I simply know that we did not deice prior to departure.

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Training Time Frames

At recent training meetings, the topics of training time frames for initial and recurrent training, theoretical and practical training components, and corporate training versus training to accommodate air carrier program differences, for example, have been discussed at length. The overall consensus from the group is that the amount of actual time allocated for specific elements of the training curriculum can vary significantly from one organization to the next.

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Should industry recommendations specify the minimum time frames for de/anti-icing training of personnel?